Southern Rubble

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$13.58 per square foot Flats / 13 sq.ft. per box

$17.58 per linear foot Corners / 8 lin.ft. per box

Exterior Southern Rubble Stone Veneer

Rubble stone veneer provides endless possibilities for transforming any interior or exterior stone project. The unique characteristics and inherent qualities that occur naturally over hundreds of years can now be masterfully replicated in man-made stone using state of the art production techniques.  The realism achieved has made manufactured stone veneer a highly valued choice for adding that extra something special to any project.

Rubble Stone for a less formal look

Rubble stone allows you to express a more relaxed personality. A textural, granular surface with softened edges gives Southern Rubble a less formal look. Primarily consisting of rectilinear shaped stones, the cut is less structured creating a warm, welcoming presence. The addition of the occasional strategically placed oversized square stone creates a seemingly random look that makes each project truly one of a kind.

Installed with a standard mortar joint further enhances the natural organic shape of Rubble stone allowing each stone to stand on its own merit.

Southern Rubble is available in a variety of colour palettes from warm beiges and browns to cool shades of greys and even combinations that incorporate both that allow you to customize your look to suit your own personal style.

Unsure of how much you will need for your project?  Give us a call we'd be glad to help!