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DIY flooring, flooring, SPC flooring -

SPC flooring is becoming one of the hottest flooring products out there in the market today.  With its superior qualities and high definition wood grain aesthetics it makes a great addition to any room you use it in. It can even be used on the wall as an accent if you are looking for an easy to install and easy to clean feature in any room.

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brush, chiseled and brushed, filled and honed, polished, stone finishes, stone tiles -

Natural stone tiles and mosaics are a beautiful and cost effective way to increase the value of your home while creating aesthetically pleasing finishes. For centuries we have used stone throughout our most exquisite buildings around the globe and nothing compares to its durability and versatility as a building product. With its different finishes, features and benefits it can be incorporated into almost any project.

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Thin Stone Veneer -

The timeless sophistication and elegant appeal of thin stone veneers will bring beauty and grace to what ever project you apply it to.  Its power leaves little to the imagination while constantly satisfying with its dominating impact and ageless ambiance.

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