Midnight Black Quartzite Ledge

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$13.58 per square foot Flats / 4 sq.ft. per box

$14.38 per square foot Corners / 4 sq.ft. per box (1.75 linear foot)

Quartzite Ledge stone panels are a popular contemporary style natural stone product. They will add a little sparkle to your home decor project with easy to install Z shaped panels. While most often used inside as a fireplace face stone and accent wall these beautiful ledgestones are also seen on the exterior of more modern homes. The straight cuts and varied thicknesses of each stone add even more texture and dimension for visual interest.

Directional light will enhance the sparkle in this quartzite ledge stone panel. Depending on how the light hits the quartzite pieces this will affect the level of shimmer. You can accentuate the appeal of the quartzite ledge by installing skylights, pot lights or track lighting. The straight forward Z shaped patterns make working with quartzite stone panels a simple procedure in the installation aspect as well.

In addition, these natural stone panels can be paired with a variety of furniture styles. The color palettes of these stones, Oyster Shell, Snow White and Midnight Black will suit a variety of design themes. One benefit of having a stone that has a rather subdued color like the Oyster Shell or Snow White is that it allows you to be more adventurous in the color and texture choices of furniture and other accent pieces.

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