Carolina Ledge

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$14.38 per square foot Flats / 11.5 sq.ft. per box

$17.58 per linear foot Corners / 8 lin.ft. per box

One of today’s most popular choices for decorative building material is stone. What was once only achieved with natural quarried stone by skilled stone masons is now readily available in a manufactured stone. Using molds created from actual stones and mineral pigments replicating Mother Nature, today’s man-made stone veneer is almost imperceptible from the real thing.

Carolina Ledge manufactured stone veneer is the epitome of a true classic ledgestone.  Utilizing a wide variety of stone profiles sets Carolina Ledge apart from other ledgestones. Consisting of predominately linear, irregular shaped stones, some with rugged, intricate textures and prominent ledges are what gives Carolina Ledge its unique personality. The shadows created by the multi-dimensional ledges create visual interest that is always changing with the shifting light.

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