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$14.38 per square foot Flats / 13.5 sq.ft. per box

$18.38 per linear foot Corners / 8 lin.ft. per box

Faux stone walls are created in a traditional style with Ashlar Stone

Whether you enjoy the sight of an old church or a feudal era castle there is a certain nostalgic element that is evoked when entering historic sights. The stained glass windows, silent sombre environment and even the smell of the cathedral combine to form a lasting impression. Many home owners are drawn to this traditional exterior stone architecture and design. They come with questions of how to transform their home into a contemporary representation of rustic elegance.

Ashlar Stone faux stone is easily mistaken for real natural stone

The best way we can answer these questions is to first and foremost point them in the direction of Ashlar Stone veneer patterns. These specific rock veneer pieces are designed with the traditional decor enthusiast in mind. Every measure is taken to create a level of authenticity that can match the look and feel of natural stone veneer. Ashlar Stone products are faux stone wall veneer, but many have mistaken them for natural stone. Their deep colours and rustic patterns make them perfectly suited for exterior facades as well as interior accent walls.

Unsure of how much you will need for your project?  Give us a call we'd be glad to help!