Arcadia Ledge

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$13.58 per square foot Flats / 8.61 sq.ft. per box

$17.58 per linear foot Corners / 5.91 lin.ft. per box

Arcadia Ledge faux stone panels look great on any project in or out

Imagine a faux stone veneer that could do it all. A stone veneer that could be used in small rooms with minimal furniture or a large space with antiques. Faux stone can be produced in various styles and colors making it easy to find one that is best suited to your type of project. Arcadia Ledge stone is a versatile stone style that works with many style preferences. Install this ledge stone on the façade of a house, in the basement on a fireplace or in your backyard on a landscape wall. It works just about everywhere.

Transform a dull area with Arcadia Ledge panel stones

Faux stone panels can be used indoors or out and the result is always superb. Do you ever look at the front of your home as you enter and wonder what you can do to spice things up? Well the answer is actually quite simple. Just add Arcadia Ledge to transform a dull tired entry. Faux stone panels are easy to install and work well with a variety of other home décor materials. Faux stone panels can be paired with stucco, siding or even brick. The possibilities are truly endless.

Unsure of how much you will need for your project?  Give us a call we'd be glad to help!