Stacked Stone Polymer Siding

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$7.68 per square foot Panel / 50 sq.ft. per box (10 pieces)

$14.79 per linear foot Corners / 7.9 lin.ft. per box (5 pieces)

Stacked stone siding is easy to install. Mount them on an interior wall or on the exterior of your homes facade. They are a simple solution to your design dilemma when you want the look of stone but need a faux stone product that you can install yourself in a weekend. These lightweight faux stone siding panels are available in six colors.

Decorative I walls are gaining in popularity. For someone who is renting their space adding a stone wall was just not feasible up until now. Of course we’re not telling you to do it without permission, but faux stone siding can be installed and removed easily. It is lightweight and installed with a hammer and nails. You’ll have to patch up the nail holes before you leave, but you’ll enjoy a beautiful faux stone wall where you live.

Siding 5 sq.ft. per piece
Corners 1.58 lin.ft. per piece

Unsure of how much you will need for your project?  Give us a call we'd be glad to help!