Stack Ledgestone

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$14.38 per square foot Flats / 10 sq.ft.per box

$19.98 per linear foot Corners / 8 lin.ft. per box

There’s no question that manufactured stone veneer has proven to be a game changer in the stone world. The finest craftsmanship techniques married with the latest technology means that there are very few limitations in the use of artificial stone veneer in today’s design schemes.

Stack Ledgestone is truly an artisanal stone design. Unlike what you would expect to see in natural rock formation, stack ledgestone carries the mark of a master craftsman who meticulously cuts the stone into clean, well defined edges. This “Ashlar” technique is a part of classical architecture that dates back to ancient times.

Throughout history the visible face of the stone has been tooled into a variety of textures and patterns using a technique called rustication. This rustication serves to allow the individual ashlar stones to stand out and is the hallmark of certain time periods.

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