Hazelton Wall

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The Hazelton Wall combines the detailed texture of natural stone with modern engineering and strength. With twelve different surface textures, Hazelton provides a beautiful random finish enhancing your landscape environment. Offered in a variety of colours, the Hazelton locking system works seamlessly with our Garden Lock™ wall system and coping units for creative horizontal banding and accenting.

hazelton garden lockWall Unit
300mm x 125mm x 225mm
(11.81" x 4.92" x 8.85")
Bundle = 24.21 sq.ft. / 59.05 lin.ft.
60 units per bundle

Hazelton cornerCorner Unit
325mm x 125mm x 175mm
(12.79" x 4.92" x 6.88")
Bundle = 48 units

Corners can be purchased individually

Sold per bundle only 

made in canada

Unsure of how much you will need for your project?  Give us a call we'd be glad to help!