Charcoal Natural Ledge

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$13.58 per square foot Flats / 4 sq.ft. per box

$14.39 per square foot Corners / 4 sq.ft. per box (1.75 linear foot)

There is still a manufacturing process used to create these beautiful panels. Each stone tile is assembled from a variety of cut stone that is glued together in a z shaped pattern. Since this is a natural stone there will be variations is color and these variations add to the inherent beauty of the stone. Uniform or consistent colors are not words that can be used with a natural stone product.
Are you still interested in working with nothing but the most authentic natural stone material for your home renovation project? Natural stone panels are made up of straight cut stone pieces and are perfect for any interior wall or fireplace. Each stone veneer tile fits side by side on your wall as you position each z shaped panel beside the next. Some trimming may be required and a wet saw with a diamond blade will get the job done.

Unsure of how much you will need for your project?  Give us a call we'd be glad to help!